The Candy Cane Road: A Christmas Dream
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The Candy Cane Road: A Christmas Dream

The events of the book take place on Christmas Eve, where the Yellow Pig, Imagine, has fallen asleep and stopped imagining of Christmas morning and Santa. When a candy cane fence entraps Rudolph the reindeer, it will be up to the Yellow Pig and his new friend, Christmas, to save the day for Santa. The children of the village grow angry, blaming Yellow Pig for their lack of gifts. The new character Christmas teaches children, both through words and pictures, that the holiday is not only about receiving gifts, but about celebrating the joy of the season. This important story will be made all the more clear to children reading these books as they engage with the easy-to-follow storyline and exquisitely illustrated pictures. The illustrations draw the reader into Yellow Pig's world, depicting a snowy Christmas Eve in a town lit up with holiday lights and Bethlehem's star. Bright colors splash across every page, constantly keeping the children interested and engaged with the pictures.  
Printed in USA

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