About Us

About the Creator and author of Yellow Pig books:

Sodad (Samir Hanna Safar)
Sodad, author, poet and inventor; came to the United States searching for his dream.  Sodad lived in the Midwest for fifteen years before moving to the West Coast.  He now lives with his wife and four children in San Diego, California.  Sodad’s inspiration to write for children comes from the busy and special time he spends daily with his own children.  Time spent reading, telling them stories, and sharing fun times. Sodad received a B.S. Degree from University of Minnesota. 

Most of Sodad’s writing focus is around children and their dreams.  He shares in their imaginations.  Some of Sodad’s previous works include CATS, RATS, and FEATHERS, a feature film screenplay; and HISTORY, a work of poetry found in the National Library of Poetry.  Currently Sodad is creating a new screenplay entitled, CLONING OF SANTA CLAUS and early readers book entitled May's SHADOW. 

The YELLOW PIG stories are some of the most creative, imaginative, and funny books available for young children today. 

About the Company:

yellowpigstore.com is a zYouSoft, Inc. website. zYouSoft is a California corporation founded and owned by Mr. Samir Hanna Safar.  The San Diego-based company was formed in May 2006 and has received no outside investments.  zYouSoft, Inc. Publishes children’s books, ebooks, and develops software tools and iPhone applications and games and serves both national and international markets.